• What should I do if I am depressed? +

    As you recognize your depression, the first thing is to go to a mental health professional like a psychiatrist and Read More
  • Is it safe to take antidepressants during pregnancy & breastfeeding? +

    Antidepressant medications pass across the placental barrier, potentially exposing the developing fetus to the medication, women and their doctors need Read More
  • Is depression treatable? How? +

    Yes. Depression, even the most severe case, is treatable .Treatment involves taking medicines (called antidepressants) & counseling. Read More
  • What illnesses often coexist with depression in women? +

    Depression often coexists with other illnesses that may precede the depression, follow it, cause it, be a consequence of it, Read More
  • What are the risk factors for depression in women? +

    There are a number of different, yet interrelated, risk factors for depression in women. Risk Factors for Depression in Women Read More
  • Why Are Women at Greater Risk for Depression than Men? +

    Many factors unique to women are suspected to play a role in developing depression. Certain events in a woman's life Read More
  • What are the symptoms? +

    Doctors continue to learn about how women are affected by depression, but there are some common symptoms. If you're depressed, Read More
  • Is depression more common in women than in men? +

    Yes. Women are twice as likely as men to experience depression. Read More
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Many factors unique to women are suspected to play a role in developing depression. Certain events in a woman's life put her at special risk for depression including puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause & menopause. During these phases, a women experiences hormonal surges and disruptions & depression and anxiety can result’

Women often suffer from role strain over conflicting and overwhelming responsibilities in their life. The more roles a woman is expected to play (mother, wife, working woman), the more vulnerable she is to role strain and subsequent stress and depression.

Higher rates of depression are also found among victims of rape. Other common forms of abuse, including physical abuse and sexual harassment, may also contribute to depression.

Similarly, substance abuse, relationship disruptions, trauma and certain personality traits predispose women to depression.

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